Puerto Rico Is in need of help right now. We are trying to do everything we can to raise awareness, money & supplies to get help in the hands it will do the most. Anything purchased from this website will be donated to the relief effort for Puerto Rico.

PUERTO RICO ESTÁ EN NECESIDAD DE AYUDA. ESTAMOS TRATANDO DE HACER TODO LO QUE PODaMOS PARA crear conciencia , recaudar DINERO Y SUMINISTROS PARA llevar AYUDA a LAS MANOS de aquellos que lo necesitan y que estan ayudando a levantar a nuestra isla. Todo SERÁ DONADo AL ESFUERZO DE ALIVIO PARA PUERTO RICO.

Caravana NaviDar is a fundraising campaign that will help revive the holiday spirit of foster children in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria. THE mission is to renew hope in shelters and other institutions caring for the underserved. Funds collected will be used to retain staff, assist with payroll and to repair structural damages, such as water leaks and damaged roofs to ensure the survival of these entities.


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